Ministry Leadership Roundtable

Dear Ministry Leaders,


“Hard knocks, all I ever knew was hard knocks, and I'm telling you, I said you'd better beware
'Cause I've had my share”

            - Elvis Presley (from the song “Hard Knocks”)


Hard knocks. This could be the testimony of just about anyone who has lived life, but it can be especially true for those who serve God in ministry. Ministry can be one of the most rewarding “jobs” because you get to help people find salvation through a relationship with Jesus, but it can also be incredibly difficult and hurtful too. The situations all differ, but the results are the same; families are displaced, feelings are hurt, anger and distrust boil over, and a personal sense of purpose and mission is questioned when these ‘Hard knocks’ happen.


I would love nothing more than for you to read this and say, “I’m good, I’ve never experienced hard knocks in ministry!”, and then toss it right in the trash. But, I know the truth is many of you have experienced hard knocks.  This event is to give you a community to share your story with and resources that can assist you in dealing with the hurt.


Therefore, I want to invite you to our Ministry Leadership Roundtable on Saturday morning November 4, 2023. Doors open at 8:30 a.m. Sessions start at 9am and will conclude after lunch, which we estimate will be about 1pm.  Cost is $10 per person and you can register online at 


Bret Koontz will be our speaker. Brett is a native of Flora, IL. His ministry career spans 26 years of serving churches, faith-based organizations, and higher education institutions with emphasis in youth, young adults, and ministry teams.
As co-founder of BE RADICAL, LLC., Bret facilitates conversations and creates environments to educate, equip, and empower people toward purposeful life and leadership. He is passionate about helping others take their next best steps as they become who they are designed to be.


This event is for anyone in a ministry leadership position: Minister, youth leader, church staff member, elder, deacon, parachurch organization leader, or anyone similar I failed to mention!


I hope you will join us. We will have a light continental breakfast, plenty of coffee, great conversation, and lunch to finish off our time together!

See you then,


Ben VanHyning

Development Director 

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