Strange Jr. High Overnighter     October 7-8, 2018

We want to invite you to the Jr. High Strange Overnighter on October 7-8! This will be the 12th year that Strange has been going on at Oil Belt.  It’s an amazing event for 6th-8th grade students, although some youth groups define Jr High as 7th-8th and that’s totally fine too. 


This year, our theme is Living Life on Mission and we are using a Tribal Theme and focusing on the idea of 12, especially the 12 tribes of Israel.  The main point for the weekend will come from Genesis 12:3 that we are to be a blessing to all nations.   


Strange is organized slightly different than a week of summer camp.  Instead of students individually registering, they must register and come with a leader through their church or youth group. Why you ask? We focus on making this event a time for you to meet the kids in your youth group and getting to know them.  You’ll notice that Strange is great for the “fringe” student or for your regular youth group attenders to invite their friends. 


Registration cost is $20.  This year instead of a t-shirt, students will receive a tubie to go with the tribal theme!


To register for Strange, have your students fill out the Strange Registration forms by September 27th. Contact the camp office to get the forms. 


We will try everything in our power to get students in for this event, but space is limited so register ASAP!


Check-in for Strange is at 6pm Sunday.  Supper is not included Sunday Night, but a light snack will be provided later in the evening.  Monday morning, we will have breakfast.  Check-out is at 11am, so lunch will not be provided. 


We’re looking forward to a great event! If you have any questions or would like more info, contact the Camp Office! Thanks!


Printable Flyer