Basketball League

8 Week Fall League

Team Registration Form

Printable League Rules

League Format

  •       We are accepting up to 12 teams for the basketball league.  
  •       Each team will play one game each Thursday night October 24, 31, November 7, 14, 21 and December 5, 12, 19.
  •       You will be scheduled to play at either 6:30 or 7:30. Whichever time you’re not scheduled for, two members of your team will be needed to officiate a game during the other time period.
  •       The first 7 weeks will be regular season, and based upon record/standings we will post the same rated teams in a tournament on the 8th week. 
  •       Standings/Seedings will be based upon win/loss record first. Tie-breaker will be decided by most total points scored. If the teams are still tied, we will resort to a coin toss.
  •       Registration: $200 per team due by first game of the season. 

Rules & Regulations

  • 1.     Team rosters are required and must be turned in to the Camp Office by the first game of the season.
  • 2.     Roster limit is limited to people aged 16 or older. Players may be added to the roster as the league goes, but for the tournament night only players who have played in 3 regular season games will be eligible to play.
  • 3.     A team consists of 5 players on the court, but may start with a minimum 4 players.
  • 4.     There will be two halves lasting 15 minutes each with a running clock. We will stop the clock the last minute of the 2nd half for fouls, change of possession, etc. The only way the clock won’t stop is if there is a 20-point lead. There will be a 3-minute half time.
  • 5.     Overtime: If the score is tied at the end of regulation or any overtime period, the ball will be put into play with a jump ball. Overtime periods will be 3 minutes in length.
  • 6.     Each team gets 3 time outs of 30 seconds duration per game.
  • 7.     Teams switch goals after first half.
  • 8.     Normal basketball rules will apply, such as double dribbling, travel, over-and-back, jump balls, etc.
  • 9.     FOUL: Shooting fouls will result in free throws. Non-shooting fouls will result in dead ball, taken out by team the foul was committed against. Bonus and Double Bonus fouls will be counted, along with players allowed 5 personal fouls before fouling out.
  • 10.  UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Any player, team, coach, or spectator who displays any form of unsportsmanlike conduct such as vulgar language, disrespect or deceit shall be penalized in the following manner:
    A) An immediate point shall be awarded to the opposing team.
    B) In the event of a second unsportsmanlike conduct the first time, the official may eject player/spectator. WHEN A PLAYER IS EJECTED HE/SHE IS AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FOR A MINIMUM OF 2 PLAYABLE GAMES. During time of suspension, an individual will be suspended from all activities that Oil Belt Christian Service Camp is directly or indirectly involved with for the duration of suspension. In addition, team will be placed on probation for the remainder of season. Fees will not be refunded. ANY PERSON EJECTED SHALL LEAVE FACILITY IMMEDIATELY. FAILURE TO LEAVE FACILITY WILL RESULT IN FORFEITURE OF MATCH BY TEAM.
  • 11.  Oil Belt Christian Service Camp Recreation Adult Basketball leagues are designed solely for the recreational values derived by players, managers and spectators from the sport of Basketball. Any player, coach, spectator who engages in fighting or obviously attempting to injure anyone, threatening or purposely touching a league official before, during or after a game will be suspended from the League and/or all leagues or activities Oil Belt Christian Service Camp is directly or indirectly involved with for a period of time to be decided by the Oil Belt Staff. In addition, ejected player will be placed on probation. Fees will not be refunded. The coach or manager shall be responsible for the actions of his/her players and spectators and for informing team members of all rules. Badgering or taunting the opponents, officials or spectators is prohibited.
  • 12.  Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or drugs is prohibited at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp.
  • 13.  Oil Belt Staff strongly urges Basketball participants to remove all jewelry for their own safety and that of others. Players, also, must wear athletic shoes.
  • 14.  We encourage teams to wear matching color shirts or jerseys. Modesty and normal camp dress code attire apply, such as wearing clothing/shirts/shoes at all times, no deep cut or revealing shirts, no short shorts.