Helping HIs Hands Disaster Training

Do you want to help when an emergency or disaster hits? If so, here is an amazing opportunity! 

Helping His Hands is a local, Christian mission who serves in disaster response and short term mission trips. Oil Belt is partnering with Helping His Hands for a training opportunity at the camp in September. 

The goal is to have 20-30 people go through this training so if a disaster strikes in the Oil Belt / Southern Illinois area there is a trained team who could help with disaster response and lead teams of volunteers during the response as well. 

Are you Prepared?

It’s not a matter of if a disaster will strike, but when. Are you and your family prepared? Is your neighborhood prepared? How about your Church? Too often we have the thought or attitude that someone else will help or we are not qualified to do what needs to be done. Helping His Hands wants to change that, come join us and others from around the country for a week long training. 


During this week, you’ll be able to attend training in the following areas. 

In Chainsaw 101, you’ll learn safety and proper handling of your chainsaw including: the proper gear to have and what to wear. These things are very important to know when handling your saw We want to make sure that our volunteers and those around them are all safe. This training is open for all levels, beginner- experienced; it’s always good to refresh yourself on safety and handling of equipment. Moving debris in a disaster area with multiple obstacles, including people, becomes a challenge. 

In Skid Loader 101 come learn how to operate a skid loader and use a grapple to pick up and load debris. No previous “seat time” required. Being prepared is key to anything that we go through and the more we know, the better prepared we will be. 

CERT, or Community Emergency Response Team, was designed by Fema to help prepare individuals, families, etc, to not only take care of themselves but also the neighborhood and community. Come be a part of a community of volunteers. 

In CERT you will learn: *Preparedness *Fire safety and suppression *Disaster Medical Operations *Search and Rescue *CERT Organization *Psychology *Terrorism *Review, simulation, and Test

Register today

The date for the training is Sept 17-22. 

The cost for this week long training is $300 and includes: your housing, meals, and books, etc. 

To learn more, contact the Camp Office or Contact Helping His Hands Ministry. 

Space is limited and we need to confirm we have a group so register today here: SIGN ME UP!