Jr. High camps

Jr. High 1 & 2

2 opportunities:

7th-8th graders will experience the core of camp in worship, small groups and biblical teaching.  Don't miss a life-changing week! 

Athletes Camp

6th-8th graders get to grow their faith and play their favorite sports! Coaches will be on-site to host trainings, drills and scrimmages.  Don't miss the mud run, which has become a staple at Athletes week! 

Jr. High Wilderness 1 & 2

JHW 1 is focused on a week long canoe and hike in Southern Missouri. Students will be challenged to their physical and spiritual limit to grow themselves and their faith! 

JHW 2 will be a base camp style week where students will experience different parts of the outdoors from hiking, canoeing, splunking while building their relationship with Christ and others. 

Fishing Camp

7th-8th grade boys will have the opportunity to spend a weekend with men who love God and love fishing. They'll learn skills in fishing with a focus on being fishers of men!

Genesis Week

7th-12th graders get the only camp of it's kind in the USA! The chance to spend a week with Creation Truth Foundation from Oklahoma as they bring their exhibits and teach how God created the earth, did dinosaurs and people live at the same time, was their a big bang and more! It's an incredible week for those wanting to learn how the Bible and science work together! 

Music Camp Plus

7th-12th graders who love band, choir, art, drama and other creative elements will have the opportunity to showcase their talent as they train all week for a presentation on Friday night! Parents, friends and family are invited to see the ways God has gifted campers on that special night!