High School Weeks

Senior High - 9th - 12th grade

Niners - 9th graders only    

Deeper Life - 10th - 13th grade   

Plus these Specialty Weeks:

Sr. High Wilderness - 9th - 12th graders

Bike Camp - 7th grade through High School

Music Camp - 7th grade through High School

Genesis Week - 7th grade through High School

Camp is for High Schoolers!

So much to choose from. We want your High School students here. Camp is the best place for them to grow in their Christian relationships, finding mentors, hearing God's call, developing as Christian men and women. Find a week or two that fits and Join us!

Senior High Week

Senior High is our week for the "Camp Experience." We have lessons, missions, worship and of course a ton of fun.  If you are wondering "Who is God?" and "What does being a Christian mean?" this is the camp for you! 


Niners is a special week! It's for only for students entering 9th grade.  The transition to high school can seem daunting, but the truth is moving into high school opens students up to more doors to share the Gospel! If you're heading into high school in the fall, make this week a priority to attend!

Deeper Life    pt 1

Deeper Life is a week for our older high school students.  It targets that group looking for direction, purpose and meaning to life.  You may wonder "What does God want me to do with my life?"  This week is sure to help point you into the next steps with Christ!

Deeper Life    pt 2

Deeper LIfe   pt 3