THanks for Helping our ministry!

There are many different ways to support Oil Belt Camp. Here are are few ways you can give:

  • Team 360: Is our General Fund Monthly Giving Program.  We are asking supporters to give $30/month which totals $360/year.  The average registration cost of a week of camp is $102, but it actually costs Oil Belt $268 for a week of camp.  Each Team 360 donation makes up that difference for 2 campers to attend Oil Belt.  We're setting a goal that by the end of 2017 we would like 1,111 people committed to giving to Team 360 to support the 2400+ Campers we're expecting this summer! It's a large goal, but we know many people believe in the camp's mission and have seen what a week of camp can do in a young person's life.  To join Team 360, click "Make a Donation" below OR you may contact the Camp Office here: Contact Camp Office

  • Building Fund: Supports our Building Program for the 3 cabins, Activity Building and Pool. As of March 1st, 2017 the building debt stands at $784,000.  We have paid down $2.7million of the $3.5million project in a little over 3 years! Please consider joining giving to the Building Fund to help us finish off this debt! To give, click "Make a Donation" below OR you may contact the Camp Office here: Contact Camp Office

  • 4:16 Project: The 4:16 Project is our newest giving program. It is based off of Philippians 4:16 which says "You sent me aid as I had need."  We have many people who say "When you have a need, let me know."  The 4:16 Project is how we connect with those supporters.  To join the 4:16 Project, contact the Camp Office OR click here: Join the 4:16 Project

  • General Fund: You may give to our General Fund and designate gifts as memorials, One-Time Gifts, Scholarships, etc. 

Your donations are tax-deductible.

If you have any questions, please call the camp office and we will assist you.