Safety & Security Initiative

We've been sharing the last several months about a special project we are currently raising for. Below is the informational letter we sent out to supporter about this project.  TO GIVE TO THIS PROJECT, select "Make a Donation" below and click "Phase 1" in the give section.

Oil Belt is committed to the advancement of children in their spiritual lives. Our founders created the camp to meet that need and the camp exists for that purpose today…never moving from that emphasis.


Making Oil Belt An Even Safer Place in 2018


We currently have the following safety procedures in place: 

übackground checks for all faculty and staff

ücompliance with smoke and fire standards in all buildings

üemergency evacuation procedures and policies in place

üfocusing vehicle traffic to the main entrance

üvisitor check-in and identified on campus by wearing yellow badges.


As we move into the future, the board has developed a plan to make Oil Belt An Even Safer Place for children and youth to experience Jesus. The camp board with the guidance of representatives from the Clay County ESDA, Flora Police Department, Fire Equipment Service & Sales, Clay County Sheriff Department and Security Alarm Corporation have developed a multi-phased plan to take the camp’s monitoring systems, security and alarms to state of the art.



Phase 1 –  $16,000 Great News – The Ministry Brands Foundation has provided a grant for $13,100 toward the completion of Phase 1!

Updating Fire alarms and alert systems in Activity Building, Cafeteria, Boy’s Dorm & Girl’s Dorm

                             All the new systems operate on Wi-Fi which will become campus wide


 Phase 2 – $25,000        

Installing credential locks & intrusion systems on Activity Building, Cafeteria, Boy’s Dorm & Girl’s Dorm

Security cameras installed at entrances

Driveway Alarms at entrances 


Phase 3 –  $25,000

Updating Fire alarms, alert systems, intrusion systems at cabin retreat area

Signage on buildings with names, doors/entrances numbered

Install Lighting and Thermostat controls thru Activity Building, Cafeteria, Boy’s Dorm, Girl’s Dorm and 3 cabins


The goal of our 2017 End of Year Appeal is to raise funds to complete the remaining balance of phase 1 and complete funds for the remaining two phases of our safety update. Your gift helps Oil Belt to keep doing what it is doing: “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ through the teaching of God’s Word.” 


I encourage you to make a gift for what Oil Belt will do for kids next year and thus contribute to the continuous cycle of improvement that is imperative to telling the story of Jesus. A donation of any amount will make a significant difference. We only ask that you give from your heart and that you give to the best of your ability. Thank you for your consideration of this important fund-raising effort!

THanks for Helping our ministry!

There are many different ways to support Oil Belt Camp. Here are are few ways you can give:

  • Team 360: Is our General Fund Monthly Giving Program.  We are asking supporters to give $30/month which totals $360/year.  The average registration cost of a week of camp is $102, but it actually costs Oil Belt $268 for a week of camp.  Each Team 360 donation makes up that difference for 2 campers to attend Oil Belt.  We're setting a goal that by the end of 2017 we would like 1,111 people committed to giving to Team 360 to support the 2400+ Campers we're expecting this summer! It's a large goal, but we know many people believe in the camp's mission and have seen what a week of camp can do in a young person's life.  To join Team 360, click "Make a Donation" below OR you may contact the Camp Office here: Contact Camp Office

  • Building Fund: Supports our Building Program for the 3 cabins, Activity Building and Pool. As of March 1st, 2017 the building debt stands at $784,000.  We have paid down $2.7million of the $3.5million project in a little over 3 years! Please consider joining giving to the Building Fund to help us finish off this debt! To give, click "Make a Donation" below OR you may contact the Camp Office here: Contact Camp Office

  • 4:16 Project: The 4:16 Project is our newest giving program. It is based off of Philippians 4:16 which says "You sent me aid as I had need."  We have many people who say "When you have a need, let me know."  The 4:16 Project is how we connect with those supporters.  To join the 4:16 Project, contact the Camp Office OR click here: Join the 4:16 Project

  • General Fund: You may give to our General Fund and designate gifts as memorials, One-Time Gifts, Scholarships, etc. 

Your donations are tax-deductible.

If you have any questions, please call the camp office and we will assist you.