2021 Summer Camp Info

Last Updated: 5/26/2021

Summer Camp Updates at Oil Belt! 


We’re excited to have you at Oil Belt Christian Service Camp soon! In addition to some of the COVID updates we’ve already sent out, we wanted to give you some final info to prepare for your camp!

1.    Be sure to read the Parent Info letter about COVID specific information for summer camp.  Again, information is changing daily so there may be adjustments as we arrive closer to your camp. 

2.    Here is our Activity Participation Agreement.  Please read through, print and bring this, signed, to camp on your registration day. We will have copies available if printing is not an option for you.   

3.    Check out website, oilbelt.com, for dress code, packing lists, etc.

 4.    On registration day, there will be a few changes in comparison to previous years. We are going to ask campers and families to remain in their vehicles until your camp start time.  (For most camps, that’s 9am)  
Once we start registration, you can enter the Activity Building lobby and go through the registration line.  According to CDC guidelines, if you’re vaccinated you’re not required to wear a mask.  If you’re unvaccinated, it is recommended that you wear a mask during this process. 
Campers are required to wear a mask during the registration process.  As noted in our parent info, once campers are in their groups they’re not required to wear masks. 
Additionally, we’re going to ask only 1 family member / guardian accompany the camper through the registration line. We know for all families that’s not feasible so we ask you keep interactions minimal to minimize COVID risks.

5.    For check-in procedures, there will be greeters to help guide you through the following process:
  • §  Check-In Table: There will be 2 tables for you based on your registration; paid or unpaid.  You’ll check-in and receive your numbered wristband and bunk tag. At this point you’ll turn in your Activity Participation Agreement and final payments if needed.
    You’ll also be instructed on the assigned group your camper will be placed in.
    The numbered wristband has a tear off number that corresponds with your child’s wristband.  Please keep this number, or take a picture with your phone to use at check-out.
  • §  Luggage Carts will be assigned by group, so your student can place their luggage in their assigned cart.
  • §  Nurse Table: If your student has medications, allergies or other medical conditions we ask you to see our nurse. Give all medications in their original containers to our nurse for their duration at camp.  In the past we have allowed them to be in weekday style cases separated by days and times, but this year we’d like them in their original containers.
  • §  Canteen Table: If you pre-ordered shirts or canteen cards, or if you would like one, you can purchase these at the canteen table.  Celebrate no walking to the canteen this year! Ha!
  • §  After going through these tables, your camper will go sit with their group in the Activity Building.  Once everyone is checked in they will go to the dorms to put their things away and make beds.
    If your camper is 6th grade or under, then one parent/guardian is allowed to go to the dorm to help put clothes/luggage away and assist making their bed. 
    For campers 7th and up, we’ll ask you to say your good-byes for the day and have the camper sit in their group. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we try to minimize the risks of COVID being spread with our staff, faculty and campers. We’re thankful to offer summer camp this year and are striving to make it a great environment for your children to attend!
6.    For check-out, it will be a similar process of check-in so please remain in your vehicle until check-out time, masking recommendations, etc.Once check-out time begins, we’ll have you enter the Activity Building lobby and you’ll be able to get your child and sign-out with our staff using the numbered wristband. 
As in past years, to pick up your child only people on the “authorized pick-up list” or people with the numbered tear-off (or a picture of it) will be allowed to sign-out your child. 


Again, thank you for trusting OBCSC with your child! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give a us a call.  We’re looking forward to a great summer!


Tyler Mulvany



Camp Descriptions

Select camp based on the grade the student will be entering in the Fall of 2021

Greater Retreat is designed for 18-24 year olds.  As students graduate high school, we want to help point them on what it means to take the next steps to a greater life! This year will be an action packed day! Save the date for May 22nd from 10am-10pm! 

Special Needs Day has been created for K-Adults who need some special attention.  Join us on May 22nd from 9:30am-3pm for a fun-filled day of worship, crafts and much more! Use the special registration form available here:   Special Needs Day Registration Form      SND Emergency Contact Form.   SND Informational Flyer

Genesis Camp has been around for a few years.  Creation Truth Foundation from Oklahoma comes up for a week to teach 7th-12th graders about how science and the Bible work together.  They bring Dinosaur fossil exhibits, telescopes for stargazing and many more object lessons.  Join us this year June 1-3 as we investigate the days of creation!

Camp Out for 5th-6th graders is one of our off-site wilderness style camps.  Campers will stay in tents, fish, swim, enjoy outdoor activities and study God's Word while in nature.  Space is limited to 20 campers so register quickly for this camp.  Camp dates are June 3-5. Special packing lists will be available after registration. 

Jr. High Wilderness: Trek is one of our wilderness style camps.  This camp will take 7th-8th graders to Eminence, Missouri to hike the pioneer back country. Special packing lists will be available once registered. June 5-11 are dates this year, but register quickly because capacity is limited to 10 students. 

Sr. High Camp is the place to be for 9th-12th graders this June 7-10! Gather together with others as we worship, hang at camp and focus in on God's Word! 

Fishing Camp for 7th-8th grade boys teaches basics of fishing, types of fishing and ultimately that we need to be "Fishing for souls!" This year Fishing Camp will be June 12th! Special packing lists will be available after registration. 

Sunrise Day Camp has been a great opportunity for 1st-2nd graders to experience their first chance at Oil Belt! Games, activities, worship and fun will be a major part of this day! Don't forget your swimsuit! 

Jr. High Camp will be a wild week for 7th-8th graders! Join us June 14-17 to worship, study God's Word and play crazy games! 

Father / Child Camp is an overnighter for K-4th graders to spend with their dad.  To stay overnight this year you must bring your own tent or RV/camper.  

Sr. High Wilderness: Trek is one of our wilderness style camps.  This camp will take 9th-12th graders to Eminence, Missouri to hike the pioneer back country. Special packing lists will be available once registered. June 13-18 are dates this year, but register quickly because capacity is limited to 10 students. 

Encounter for 5th-6th graders is one of the most enthusiastic and energetic camps! High energy and a desire to learn God's Word make this a fun camp to be at! Join us June 21-24. 

Footprints is normally the first night a 2nd-3rd grader can spend at camp. This year it's a day camp, but the fun, worship and bible study will still be the focus of the day! Join us June 26. 

Music Camp Plus for 7th-12th grade is a great camp.  Students have the chance to "focus" in band, choir, art, preaching or drama.  At the end of the camp we host a concert, but that exact time/plan is TBA.  The camp will take place June 28-July 1. 

Jr. High Wilderness: Base Camp is another off-site wilderness style camp.  For this camp, 7th-8th graders will camp in Eminence, Missouri in a base camp then each day take adventures either hiking, canoeing, or various other outdoor activities.  June 27-July 2 will be the camp this year. Special packing lists will be available after registration. 

Discovery is a great camp for 4th-6th graders to discover who God is and who they are in Him.  Register for July 6-8 this year! 

Jr. High Athletes Camp is one of out most well-attended summer camps! 6th-8th graders come together to use their skills in baseball, basketball (boys & girls), football, softball, volleyball, cheerleading, soccer, swimming, cycling, and running.  They find out that God has gifted them with these and how can they use these to impact the world for Christ.  Join us July 12-15. 

Sr. High Wilderness: River is new this year for 9th-12th graders.  This camp will focus on canoeing and kayaking along the river and discovering their relationship with Christ in Eminence, Missouri.  Join us August 2-6.  Special packing lists will be available after registration. 

OASIS: Special Needs Adults is a great way to close our summer camp program each year.  Adults with special needs are welcome to join us August 14 for a day of fun, activities and worship! Use the special registration form available here:

OASIS Registration Form