"Making Disciples of Jesus Christ

through the teaching of God's Word."

Oil Belt Christian Service Camp is a religious organization that was started in 1946 with a few tents and a desire to impact young people for Jesus Christ. The board of directors are comprised of people from the area's Christian Church / Church of Christ Congregations. We are affiliated with the Restoration Movement, in following the directives from God in the New Testament for His people, the Church. Currently, there are 108 supporting churches from 14 counties across South Central Illinois. 

Each week of summer camp is staffed by dedicated Christian men and women being examples and building relationships according to the Truth found in God's Word, the Bible. 

All of our adult faculty are processed thorough a background check.

Along with your child having fun and meeting great Christian friends, each week of camp will have emphasis on Biblical teaching, Salvation through Jesus Christ, Scripture memorization, and Worship.

Oil Belt focuses on 3 core values in all of it's programming:  Worship, Biblical Teaching and Small Groups.  We believe the games may change, the music may be louder and have more technology, but those 3 core values stand the test of time to point people to Christ!