Aug. 30 - Sept. 2, 2024

We have some exciting news! 

Alan & Lisa Robertson are coming back to Oil Belt to be our Family Camp speakers! They have been leading marriage seminars for years, and will be bringing their teaching to our main sessions. 

You won't want to miss this!

Here's a few things you really need to know this year!

Theme & Speakers

Alan and Lisa Robertson are back as our speakers throughout the weekend. They have an incredible story about how God has worked through their marriage.  Whether you’re single or married, they’ll be teaching how to honor God through your relationships and honor God in your families.  Therefore, our theme will be “Family Camp: Marriage & Family Edition.”                                                                                                                 

Alan & Lisa have several books they’ve written on marriage and family.  They speak nationally at conferences, seminars and churches. This will be powerful teaching! 

You won’t want to miss a single session.

Register Online!

Even though we aren't charging, we still ask you to register online at  to help us plan for meals, seating and lodging. Registration opened at April 11th at 10am.

There are 2 options for attendance at Family Camp.

  • Stay the whole weekend! Bring your family to stay on-site in the dorms OR bring your own camper or tent. We have a campground with space for 51 sites. (Read more about lodging below)
  • Drive back & forth each day for each session. We’d love for you to make them all, but even if you can only make one or two it will be worth it. 

Family Camp 2024 is FREE REGISTRATION!

We have done this the last few years and it’s been amazing! 
Instead of a registration fee we take up an offering to offset the costs of the weekend

With the larger amount of people at meals, lodging and speaker, we are asking if you would partner with camp to give $40,000! Last year you surpassed this amount! We know God has a big weekend planned, so we are taking a leap of faith and asking for you to help us through giving. 

Worship Sessions

Below are worship times so you can attend the whole weekend or just come when you can.  Friday at 6pm, Saturday at 10am and 6pm, Sunday at 10am and 6pm. Our evening sessions will be led by Kinmundy Christian Church.  Morning sessions will be led by a student team from Johnson University.


All meals will take place in the Activity Building this year. We will have tables and chairs set-up similar to our Men’s Night Program.  Read the Kids’ Programming section below to know why we are eating in the Activity Building. 

Kids’ Programming

Our childcare will be dramatically different this year! With the expectation of large numbers and the focus on marriage and family, we want to provide the best opportunities for families to be in the room for this teaching.

  • 0 – 2 yr:  We will have an unstaffed nursery in the conference room / lobby of the Activity Building. The worship session will be streamed in the conference room. 
  • 2 yr – 4 yr: We will meet in the Cafeteria before worship sessions begin.  Inflatables will be set-up for a play area. They’ll have rotating classes/activities during the worship sessions.
  • 5 yr – 6th grade: We will start in worship, after a few songs they’ll be dismissed to the chapel. They’ll have rotating classes of lessons, games, worship, activities, crafts and more. Before worship ends, they’ll come back into the Activity Building to sit with their parents.

We have some more things planned for the Kids’ Programming as well! It will be a fun weekend! 

With that, we are looking for more volunteers to help in the kids’ area. If you or your children’s ministry team at church would be willing to help for a session, please contact the camp office.


Bring your own RV camper, tent or stay in our dorms! 

  • If you’re bringing a camper or tent, we expect the campground to fill up.  Therefore, we are having you sign-up online for “First Come, First Serve” camping spots to save a site.  The reservations do not assign you to any specific site, but just 1 of our 51 sites.   
  • If you register in time to get an RV Spot, the campground gate opens on Saturday, Aug 24th at 8am for campers to move-in ahead of time. Please do not arrive earlier than that.
  • I’ve spoken to some people who are planning to camp at Charley Brown Park instead of our campground to make way for new folks. If you’re doing this, on the registration form, mark that you will be “driving in”.
  • Additionally, we have a field to the west of the ARC where you could bring your camper or tent. There isn’t power, but some people have said they have their own generator or don’t need power for camping. If that’s an option for you, please contact the camp office to let us know so we can have space for you. On the registration form, mark you’ll be “driving in” for that as well. 

Thank you for sharing and inviting your friends to Family Camp! Be sure to watch our website for more information as we approach the event! 


Printable Event Flyer