Frequently Asked Questions

When does registration open for 2024?

Registration opened March 4, 2024 at 10 a.m.! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!

What does my camper need to bring to camp? 

Please click here for a general list of items to bring to camp. An email will be sent out to you the week before your camp starts with a complete list from the Dean on what to bring. 

Does Oil Belt have a dress code for campers? 

Yes, please take a look at our printable dress code to see what is allowed to wear during camp. 

Are Walk-in registrations allowed?

Walk-in registrations are allowed as long as there is space. We want to warn you that camps do fill up quickly, so we highly recommend registering in advance.

How do I know which age group to choose?

Select the week of camp based on the grade the camper is going into in the Fall.

My camper wants to attend with a friend who already registered. Can you tell us which camp their friend is registered for?

It is a great idea for kids to attend camp with their friends! We cannot give that information out. We encourage you to communicate with all of their friends to make sure they register for the same week of camp if they want to attend together!

Can my camper attend more than one week of camp?


Do I still need the church authorization form if I already entered the church code at registration? 

Yes, we still have to have the church authorization form signed by an approved person from your church. If we have not received it before the start of your camp session, you will be considered incomplete, which could delay your check-in time. 

Can I pay for camp the day of check-in?

You can pay ahead online or in person the day of check-in, but either way, all registrations need to be completed online.

Yes, we still need the church authorization form signed by an approved person from your church. If we have not received it by the start of your camp session, you will be considered incomplete, which could delay your check-in time. 


What if I need to cancel my camper’s registration?

Once registration is completed, a camper may transfer to a different week with no additional fee. However, if the camper cancels their registration, there will be a $25 cancellation fee.


Can I transfer or cancel my camper’s registration through my online account?

Any changes made to completed registrations must be handled by contacting the camp office at



If a week of camp is full and my camper is placed on a waiting list, how will I find out if or when there is a space available?

We understand that being placed on a waiting list can make a child and/or parent anxious, so we make every effort to contact those on the waiting list as soon as possible when a space becomes available. Unfortunately, that is sometimes very last minute when registered campers don’t show up at registration. Our recommendation would be to be prepared, if at all possible, to receive a last-minute phone call letting you know there is an opening even up to the first day of camp. No calls will be made after that. We will not call those on the waiting list if a space is not available.


My camper takes medication. Will someone be able to help them with that?

Yes, there is a nurse on faculty who dispenses all medications at each week of camp. All medications must be brought in original containers with doctor instructions and camper’s name. Over the counter medicines must also be in original containers. You will complete a medication form and give it to the nurse at registration. 


Can I send mail to my child during their week of camp?

Yes, you can send mail. It is also very helpful to add in the bottom corner of the envelope which week of camp they are attending, either by date or by camp name. (i.e. July 9-14 or “Athletes Camp”) However, any mail that does not arrive in time will be “returned to sender.” We recommend dropping the mail off to the office on check-in day and we can give the camper the mail throughout the week. 


My child needs to leave camp for a short time (Dr. appt., driver’s ed, job, sports practice/game). Can they still attend camp?

To have the best experience possible both for your camper and others as well, our suggestion is that campers remain at camp until the end of their week. Being at camp without distractions changes lives. 

We realize this may not always be possible. If they must leave, please call ahead to the office to coordinate a pick-up and drop-off time. If the camper drove themself to camp, a parent still must call the office to authorize permission for them to leave campus.


Can I, or others, visit my child during their camp session? 

We allow visitors, but check out our full visitor policy here: Visitor Policy

When I registered, I forgot to add a name to the list of people who are approved/not approved to pick up my camper. How do I make changes to this list?

Email the office and they can make any necessary changes to the list.


I forgot to get the Waldo code for pictures from my child’s week of camp. Where do I find that code?

The Waldo code is in the emails leading up to camp. If you can't find them, email the office and we can re-send. 


How much money should I put on my child’s FunFangle account? 

The average amount for a full week of camp is $20-$25. Pathfinder is a shorter week, so $6-$10 is plenty for them. Also, the following camps do not need money for canteen:  Footprints, Sunrise Day Camps, Special Needs, OASIS and Wilderness.


My camper had money left in their FunFangle account (canteen/missions) at the end of their week of camp. What happens to that money?

Money left in the FunFangle accounts can either be donated to the mission for a child’s camp week, donated to Oil Belt, be transferred to another camper within the same family, or refunded at the end of the summer, if over $5. Contact the office for assistance. 


Is my camper required to bring specific sports equipment in order to attend Athlete’s Week?

We recommend bringing equipment for the sport your child wants to play such as basketball shoes, ball gloves, etc.  We strongly suggest that you clearly label any equipment that your child brings with them because MANY items get accidentally left at camp.


I would like to register my camper for Special Needs camp or OASIS camp but it is not listed with the other online registrations. How do I register for these?

The registration for these is not online because the health forms are different. CLICK HERE to print a hard copy of the registration materials, go to the Camper Info tab under “Summer Camp”. Scroll down and click on the forms you need to print. Mail completed forms with a check for the registration fee to: Oil Belt Christian Service Camp, 555 Park Rd., Flora, IL 62839.