Your gift matters at camp! 

70% of Oil Belt's income is from donations. 

Make a difference in a child's life by giving today!  

Whether you choose to join TEAM 360, give by purchasing equipment or supplies from our online lists, or simply send a one-time gift, your gift matters! 

Because of people who believe a camp experience changes lives, we continue to serve K-College Age students across Southern Illinois, and beyond! 

More information listed below.


Thank You For Your Continued Support

  • Expanding Camp's Mission

    Team 360 members believe a week of camp changes lives! 

    For years Oil Belt has been able to off-set the actual cost of camp because of churches & individuals giving regularly.  

    Would you consider joining Team 360 and giving regularly to keep the registration cost of camp low for families of campers. 

    Some give a one-time gift while others give $10, $30, $50 or more per month! 

      Join Today! 

  • Donate Supplies

    If you would like to donate supplies, we have two different lists to help you. Simply click the link below.

    • Amazon Wishlist is for camp programming items (ex. sports equipment, print cartridges, water balloons, etc.)

    • Things to Get Us is for Kitchen Items used for summer camp (ex. paper towels, Oreos, laundry soap, double zipper bags, etc.)

  • Help Oil Belt Continue Into The Future